Founded in 1994, Interthai Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was a manufacturer, trader, importer and exporter of various aluminum profiles and accessories. For more than two decades, we have been the leading manufacturer of aluminum ladders under the brand Barco and Techon. Now we provide customers with various types of products such as powder coated aluminum profiles, mill finished aluminum profiles, aluminum ladders, aluminum billets and windows&doors accessories.


We believe that satisfaction is the key to long-term business relationship. Our aluminum products are meticulously designed and produced with quality assurance in orer to satisfy every client's needs. We are entirely committed to offering our customers with the highest quality and consistent product improvement.

Aluminum Profiles
Aluminum Ladders
Powder Coating


For three decades, Interthai has been at the forefront of the aluminum industry, steadfastly championing the unmatched quality and resilience of aluminum ingots. Our journey, deeply anchored in these ingots, reflects a commitment to strength, durability, and precision. Employing a significant 85% of ingots in our processes, we ensure each product resonates with optimal strength and hardness. Every creation, from towering structures to intricate profiles, speaks of our dedication to harnessing the ingot's potential. Dive into our narrative, a testament to Interthai's unwavering commitment to excellence, as we decode the integral role of ingots in crafting aluminum masterpieces.

Here, the art of powder coating aluminium transcends machinery. It's a dance of craftsmanship, protection, and beauty. Each piece, transformed by our dedicated team's hands and heart, tells a story of resilience and passion, turning aluminium into a canvas of endless possibilities.

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Interthai Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Tel: 02-4611491


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Tel: 02-4611491


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